Friday, October 17, 2008

New Album Cover, sort of, finally,

Here it is! I actually finished this drawing a while back, but I didn't want to post it until the record was officially released (which is happening as I type this, the release party is tonight). I was planning on going but I feel ill and old tonight. The local entertainment and news weekly, Flagpole, actually posted a pic of it with a review on their site a few days ago, but I grimly stuck to my promised timeline...although once I took the drawing downtown to show the guys in the band what it looked like "in person" and wound up flashing it around to a ton of people...a shining moment. This is a milestone of sorts because this is the first cover art where I put together the whole package...layout, logo design, everything. I didn't really have the gear until recently to do that I love my new computer. I looked back at the earlier version I started with no studio or spare time with a borrowed computer and god how terrible-I'm so glad the first version didn't see the light of day. I have another cover coming out this winter for The HEAP, another band here in Athens, but its still top secret and can't be seen, but here are some shocking and enticing clues : monsters, foxy girls with knee boots, and pinball machines.

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