Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chew Rubber Crutch Rampage 1

This is the first drawing I have completed since I moved into the new studio/pad. I have so much to do, mostly getting on 20 billion projects I've been wanting to put together and can with the new mac. I have to make time to continue to draw by hand...I love making stuff on the computer, I'm not one of those technology hating guys who crab and whine about missing the good ol days, but I have to balance it with drawing, painting, inking by is actually very relaxing. I know some computer dee-signin' guys who haven't drawn by hand in years...some who can't draw at all, or think its a chore...

You Know...

I hate it when I punctuate my speech with "you know" and the person I'm talking to cuts in and says "no, I DON'T KNOW".  I remember several ex-girlfriends doing this.  Its probably an early warning sign of a relationship tanking...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here's the lastest work in progress...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Roky design (work in progress)

Here's a piece of a design I'm making for fun-a graphic of Roky Erickson, one of my favorites...The 13th Floor Elevators and his solo stuff is all killer and I am so fired up about him playing in Athens at PopFest this August in Athens...I will probably make an iron on for a t shirt or something...its not finished totally yet, it will probably get a lot crazier.  I finally got around to working on the new Baron Calm series (a pink one with a girl and a robotic confederate bear falling to pieces and a cloud of muppet type eyeballs).   I have decided not to make any more stuff that is small and understated, its got to be bigger and/or crazier.   I hacked out a lot of filler from my website today too, a lot of stuff that seems like mediocre filler to me now...I'm also cleaning out the closets and dumping a lot of old pieces that I can no longer store...I will probably have some sort of flood sale/ritual burning of this stuff soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

After the Flood

I've been preoccupied the last couple of weeks dealing with apartment floods.   The building I'm in has some major drainage/gutter issues that weren't that obvious during the scorching, biblical, arid drought North GA has been under since I moved in last Spring.   This new and normal cycles of gushing summer thunderstorms turn what was an occasional, annoying leaky window and small section of floor in a full on, splattering was isolated to the back room (my studio) and I hauled ass out to home depot at 6 AM Saturday morning and bought a wet/dry shop vac to slurp up the nasty tides of backed up gutter-water seeping and dripping into my place.   This is all happening right after I buy and install my beloved new first real design computer and the nicest thing I have ever owned.   Luckily I was there when the dam broke, the Mac was at the opposite end of the pad, and there was a vacant, clean, DRY unit on the other side of the building.  It actually worked out for the best...the move was pretty easy, I don't own much, no pianos or marble statues, and it forced me to dump a lot of worthless crap that I have been sitting on and ignoring for the past 10 years or life was flushed, pretty much, in a relatively positive, painless way.  The new pad is slightly better, and weird in a giddy, funhouse kind of way because it is exactly the same layout and proportions as my old place except EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS, like a mirror, which totally flips me out first thing in the morning.   I got a book on Paul Rand and a tricks of the trade guide for Illustrator CS3 and I'm digging the clean slate.  The most regretable tragic loss was my pinball machine, made of particle board,  that was doused with water for an hour or so...not 100% sure but I don't think the old girl will pull through...RIP Star Explorer (1975-2008).

Sunday, July 06, 2008

All Systems Go!

I'm back on the blog after a few months of turmoil.  Big changes and shakedowns at work (that were stressful but probably good for me)  I had no spare time to goof around on this thing at the office, and no internet at home, only my 1997 Systemax computer with Windows 98.  Surprisingly enough, the old beast still plodded on, and I managed to design a few posters and stuff on it this past year.  Last week I got a new Mac for my home studio for freelance design is shockingly awesome.  I have a feeling I won't see too much daylight (or moonlight) for a long time...all those projects on the backburner are moving to the frontburner.