Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strayhorn Magazine Movie Night

Strayhorn Magazine is showing this overlooked revenge classic from 1977 for our April film pick at the fantastic Flicker Theatre and Bar here in Athens GA. All Flagpole Magazine readers please note this movie is replacing KID BLUE...I didn't notify them about the the change in time. ROLLING THUNDER is awesome, and its a free show starting at 9 PM next Monday (April 28)!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yet Another Threadless Submission...

Yep, Ive got another in the running. I'll probably keep entering once or twice a week. If any of you folks vote over at on potential t shirt designs for printing and sale, click here. If I win this I'll get enough dough to buy me one of them dee-signin' computers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My "New" Studio

I've had my current place for almost a year now but just recently I arranged it for optimum studio use. I have dedicated the whole back room for drawing, painting, and pinball. Here's a shot of mission control, including many of my beloved creepy exploitation and horror movie posters. I had a few slack weeks of Springtime idleness, but I'm jumping back in saddle with some freelance album cover design and new, large (4 ft. wide) drawing.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movie Weekend (with Pinky)

Here's the latest weekend movie list...the Altman stuff I've seen before. I really love 3 Women especially. I'm too busy right now to go into much detail about these. I liked all of them, and totally flipped out over a few.

Throne of Blood
The President's Analyst
The Big Bounce (the first one)
Donkey Skin
Three Women
Variety LIghts
The Southerner
Pepe Le Moko
Closely Watched Trains

Monday, April 07, 2008

Some Black Velvet Morning...

I don't really collect art for the walls (I have tons of my own stuff to deal with-no money or room for much else) but I do prize my small collection of black velvet paintings. I misplaced the snow owl piece while moving from apartment to apartment, but here are some other favorites, including a version of Frazetta's Death Dealer...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Long Time Ago, In a County Far, Far Away

This is my first t shirt design. It was for a screenprinting project in shop class in high school (I'm not gonna say the year, its too depressing). I guess I was about 15 or 16 when I drew it. I had one of the shirts (a white and pale blue ringer tee) until a few years ago; it still fit but it got so absolutely filthy from crawling under houses and digging trenches at my day job that no amount of washing would get it clean, so I tossed it finally. There's a parable in that somewhere.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trials of a Cartoonist

I love drawing cartoons. That why I started drawing (at about age 2 or 3). I think in cartoons, breathe cartoons. I cannot fathom the mindset of people who are indifferent about them, or hate them. For most of life I drew for myself, and to this day, when I make stuff for exhibitions and personal projects, I never consider an "audience" at all. I make stuff I want to see. But as an illustrator, cartooning is an enormous pain in the ass. People nitpick every design to shreds...too scary, too cute, too messy, too clean. I was even corrected by one one genius who pointed out that "there are 5 fingers on a hand, not four"! People are surrounded by cartoons constantly and seldom, if ever, question their design (Bugs Bunny's ears are too long!) When they get some control, some "input", the flood of ridiculous revisions crash in. Not always...sometimes folks are cool...clear direction, sensible revisions...great. I used to think that caught flack because I'm a faceless nobody in the field. Then I read an interview with R. Crumb; he talks about his VOLUNTEER stuff for a small activist paper- they totally picked him to death. He said Spain Rodriguez had the same problem. I guess its a pretty common complaint in any creative field, but good Lord! I know what I'm doing in this arena...

Threadless again...

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